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May 06, 2009


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Very interesting article Mr Booth. One thing I always wondered is what order does miso soup come in a meal in Japan (and sushi too while we are at it) or is it just a stand alone thing?

Michael Booth

Dear Miss Ellimondo,
That's a very good question. The point at which a restaurant serves the miso soup is very telling. If they serve it alone, at the start of a meal then the kitchen is not run by Japanese people because they drink (actually, they say they 'eat' miso soup, as it is usually full of other bits and pieces to eat) miso soup at the end of a meal. Run a mile from such an establishment. It'll be crap. You will often get miso soup served at the same time as other dishes, however, but this is because they assume the diner will know to leave it to last. As for the order in which you eat sushi or sashimi, yes there is a vague order - you should eat the lighter, white fish first, then the ebi, then the salmon, ending with your super-rich o-toro or eel. In a kaiseki meal, the soup (it is unlikely to be miso soup) will come higher up the running order, probably around the fifth course. You are unlikely to get sushi in a kaiseki meal, but sashimi is a given and will come in at around the third course.

Hope that helps!

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