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September 07, 2009


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Hi Michael!
I just read some things you wrote about how not to use olive oil (which I never did) for frying and how to use up the brown left in the oven. I was really impressed by the way you take on food.
However my question was as you stated in your text about culinary schools. I am a fresh student of economics and management but I recently found out after some time of introspection that what I really want is to cook. It's relaxing and interesting and something else although I can't describe it.
I know some recipes although I usually improvise a lot then make something of my own which almost always gets praise. That's another factor that made me think I can do this like a job and hobby.
Sorry for going off topic. What I wanted to ask was what culinary school could I go to that is near or in Croatia? I've heard there are some in Italy that are world class but I kinda would like to find some that are on English...
Any help would be greatly appreciated and I think I'm gona go and buy your books now.

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