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May 28, 2010


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Magdalena Kasprzyk

Hello Michael!
Two days ago I started to read your “Sacre Cordon Bleu”.
Although I bought your book more than a year ago in the American bookstore “the Village Voice”, I did not have any occasion to read it before.
Well, I am only at the beginning (Chapter 4, actually, before leaving for school), and I absolutely share your opinions about cookbooks, Paris and its food markets. I love your language. It is so informative, intelligent and funny. That’s why I decided to check whether you have a blog.
My dream is to attend Le Cordon Bleu, but I cannot afford it for the moment. I hope one day. Or maybe, when I finish reading your book, my conclusion will be completely different?
Congratulations, and I will check tomorrow where I can buy “The sushi beyond”.


Hi Michael - congrats on the nomination! Will have my fingers crossed for Sushi and Beyond (though I now *may* just have to check out The Hungry Cyclist too =) )


Hi Michael,


Umami-man officially approved and noted his appetite and sensitivity on taste by world renowned authority which made me smile...

Well, now I know you did even go to Ryugin. Your stomach never gives up any expedition for Umami.

I look forward to eating with you and your family again since I found feverous sushi shop near my house. Cheers and Congratulations,


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